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"We first came across Sara in 2009/2010 where we had an extremely talented but extremely difficult horse in to produce. We had tried what we thought was everything to get this horse on side. And although we had produced this horse up to Novice level we still struggled to see results in the not only in the dressage but also in his behaviour. Sara very quickly became an integral part of our yards training. Not only this, she gave us a different outlook which enabled us to train and get results out of even the most difficult horses using her ground work techniques and huge amount of knowledge. Sara has remained a close family friend and advisor."

Vicky Dennis
Dennis Eventing

"It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write about my experience with Sara. She took a horse that was napping and frightened and begun us on the path to a confident and happy horse. This is not a quick fix - quick fixes are what Cluedo's previous 4 riders tried with him. All that did was make him more frightened and less confident. Sara will teach you a new discipline and methodical approach to understanding why your horse is acting in the way he is and how then to address it. A year on Cluedo is a different horse. His body completely changed - he has muscle behind the saddle and a big round muscled rump. He couldn't have gotten that body had his mind and confidence not been first addressed and fixed. All of it is down to what I learned with Sara. It's a journey, but one so very worth it."

Karen Kalaway

“Sara Ussher has taught our daughters (13 and 11) for the last 2 years. This has been an incredible and enlightening journey in many ways. There has been, and continues to be, very exciting progress with our young nervous riders and green ponies, both on and off the ground."

Mel June 

“I've had the privilege of working with Sara over the past 6 years. Sara has an amazing understanding of horses and in a very short time can make a huge difference. Sara's training methods seem at first like a mine field but with practice, time and patience become clearer. Sara is always available for help and advice to help you stay on track. Sara is without doubt a perfectionist, her attention to detail is second to none and as a pupil you quickly learn how important that is. Sara has a unique way of training a horse. Sara can assist you if you just need to be safe around the stable and yard or you want your horse to be better balanced for top level competition."


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