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Fundamental Training for Any Horse in Every Discipline

Welcome to my new website. I have recently moved to Suffolk and would like to introduce myself and explain how I might be able to help you with your horse (or pony). The main areas I cover are:

• Solving behavioural issues: Bolting, barging, bucking, rearing, biting, shying, aggression, tension, napping etc.

• Improving performance and way of going in every disciple; dressage, jumping, racing or hacking, etc.

• Remedial work: re-educating racehorses and or/ helping your horse/pony get back to fitness and soundness after an accident or operation.

These training techniques, based on scientific principles, aim to help anyone, from the happy hackers to the competition riders, in a simple and effective way.

horse training Suffolk
Sara Ussher horse trainer
horse trainer Suffolk

Sara Ussher | Horse Training | Horse Trainer | Suffolk