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I have always adored horses. I spent my youth in Northumberland and then in Yorkshire, hunting, eventing and team chasing.

Over the past 25 years, I have concentrated on horses with behavioural problems, gleaning knowledge from many of the top horsemen in this field from the UK, US, Australia and France. 

I came to understand that although horses are all different, they all learn the same way and if we can tap into their learning theory and moderate their flight response, we can start to train them in a way they understand. 

I ran a small behaviour centre in Yorkshire for 20 years, using the experience and knowledge I had accumulated over the years (and continue to accumulate). I broke in/started many horses and ponies, I ran clinics, had horses in for education/ behavioural issues and travelled to help professionals and non professionals. 

My daughter, Daisy and I trained an extremely talented but exceptionally dangerous/ difficult pony, which she went on to event to FEI standard and compete for Great Britain. She also evented him successfully to Intermediate and 1 star level. This was a major achievement and put all our training to the test.

Daisy went on to successfully compete professionally, bringing on and training her own horses, as well as her clients’/ owners’, and is an excellent instructor. Daisy has now left home to work in London.

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